Watch: Alex Jones breaks down in tears after all major platforms begin dumping him

On Monday, major online media platforms began dumping content from right-wing conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. The companies say he was violating their policies via hate speech.

Apple confirmed that they were removing five out of six of Jones’ shows, including his infamous “The Alex Jones Show.” Following suit, Facebook and Google announced that they would do the same.

Facebook removed four of the main pages that featured content from Jones. This was the vast majority of all his Facebook reach. Originally, Facebook refused to ban Jones on the grounds of ‘free speech,’ but later did so after saying that Jones is “repeatedly” posting content that “attacks or dehumanizes” others.

“When users violate … policies repeatedly, like our policies against hate speech and harassment or our terms prohibiting circumvention of our enforcement measures, we terminate their accounts,” wrote a spokesperson for YouTube.

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Infowars is not currently returning requests for media comments.

Following the bans, Jones posted on Twitter that his fans could still see his content on the Infowars website. He described that as “the one platform they CAN’T ban.”

Spotify has also joined the movement to ban the Infowars content from their service. Last week they began by deleting several of his episodes. Since then they have deleted every episode of “The Alex Jones Show.”

Jones reacted very emotionally on Monday. Watch the video below:

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