Watch: Megan McCain snaps after audience cheers over Paul Ryan quitting- She claims that…

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On Wednesday, “The View” co-host Meghan McCain was apparently very upset that the audience cheered Ryan’s departure. She claimed they would be very sorry that he was leaving.

McCain claims that she “greatly admires” Ryan. She says that he represents conservatives of the past and that more Trump types will replace him.

“The cheering kind of surprises me a little bit because Paul Ryan is a politician of an era gone by,” McCain told the other hosts. “He was one of the most powerful congressmen between 2009 and 2016, before Trumpism sort of completely took over. He was a really classic conservative, and this party is the party of Trump now. People like me who are old-school conservatives, we’re really on our way out — and it makes me really sad.”

McCain believes that Ryan is too polite for the modern conservative political climate. She doesn’t believe that’s what conservatives want anymore.

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“My husband, I was texting him about it, and he said, ‘He committed the worst sin — he was serious, polite and nice,’” McCain said. “‘That’s not what people want right now.’”

McCain thinks that Trump is chasing the ‘good conservatives’ out of Washington.

“We’re having Trey Gowdy on tomorrow — this is the bloodletting of classic conservatives,” she said. “The people that are cheering. Do you know what comes in its place? Trumpism, and I assume if you don’t like Paul Ryan, you probably hate Trump more.”

She apparently believes that Paul Ryan is the best conservatives have to offer right now.

“So maybe don’t cheer when people like Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney and Trey Gowdy, and people like Ben Sasse, who are, thank god, still in office, or maybe on their way out, because I assure you — what’s in its place you will like a lot less.”

Watch the segment below:

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