Bull gets revenge- Matador gets 11 inches of horn up his ass (Video)

Manolo Briones/NTR Toros

Monday, in Mexico City, a Matador received a bull’s horn 11 inches into his rectum. This was one of the bullfights where the matador was slowly torturing and preparing to kill the bull.

Antonio Romero, the matador, seemed to be doing what he always does, taunting the bull with a red cloth as the animal circled around him. The bull was already weakened from what’s called “banderillas,” which are harpoon like instruments that are shoved into the bull. In the cover photo you can see one of the banderillas and the blood flowing from the bull’s wound.

As Antonio tried to pivot around the bull, it caught his arm and knocked him down to the ground. The bull saw his torturer fall, honed in, and drove his horn straight into the matador’s anus. Fellow matadors were quick to distract the bull while Antonio lay writhing in pain.

The matador was rushed to a nearby hospital where he was being treated for ‘horrific’ injuries to his rectal area.

Last year, in Spain, a similar incident occurred where the matador was killed.

You can watch the video below: