Watch a Nazi cry his eyes out while getting arrested during right-wing rally

Credit:Thabo Jaiyesimi/Alamy Live

In London, during a demonstration that called for jailed anti-Islam activist Tommy Robinson to be released, a protester was seen crying while police arrested him. He reportedly started crying after police caught him giving a “Heil Hitler” Nazi salute. He also had a banner that read “f*ck Islam.”

The protester was heard yelling “Mom, I’m so sorry!” as he was arrested by London police.

The Robinson supporter cried, “My arm! My arm is hurting. Why am I being abused? I did nothing wrong.” He later cried, “What have I done, officers?”

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At one point, he shouted to the cameraman, “Phil! Help me mate.” But Phil replied, “I wish I could but I’m filming it.”

Even after the police were done handcuffing him, he continued to cry.

The man has not yet been identified.

The demonstration was based around Robinson. He is the founder of English Defence League, an anti-Muslim protest group, who was arrested on May 25th for live streaming outside a child sexual exploitation trial.

You can watch the video below:

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